Due to School closures from covid-19, we will be holding virtual tryouts for the 2020-2021 School year

The following Google Form will be used for tryouts: https://forms.gle/GpCdtnxhs784K1JD7

Contemporary Tryout Combo

Contemporary Tryout Instructions

Images Dance Ensemble (Dance 4) and Co. 2 (Dance 3) try-outs, 2020.


Try-outs will be held through individual video submissions.
Please be go to the google form and read the guidelines for the Dance 3 and 4 try-outs:


Below are the three videos each dancer should submit.

Videos have a break-down of the combination followed by the combination done full out by our dancers.

(Note: The hip hop video includes break down and full out combination)


Dancers from Images Dance Ensemble have created the videos below.

Dancers who are not currently in Dance 3 or 4, please prepare a dance solo no longer than 45 seconds and up-load with your google form.

Video Submission Guidelines
State your name at the beginning of all videos.
Be sure the perspective of your video is such that I can see everything you are doing.
Give yourself plenty of room.
We are not looking for professional quality videos.

A video taken on a standard smartphone is acceptable.
Maximum video file size is 1 GB per file.

Video requirements:
1. Your attire for the try-out should be conducive to dancing.  NO baggy clothes

2. Please be sure your hair is pulled back and out of your face.
3. Place the recording device at least 15ft back so we can see everything you are doing.

You will receive a letter, via email, within one week of try-outs stating which class you have been placed in.

If you are selected for Dance 3 or 4, we will adjust your schedule this summer with your counselor.



Things I am looking for:

Strong technique, musicality and performance quality.

Neatly dressed for video.

Versatility in various styles of dance.

Video demonstrates you have rehearsed the combinations and are confident with your movement.



Thank you for your interest in becoming involved in Images Dance Ensemble and Co. 2.

Submitted videos will NOT be shared on any platform and will be deleted after try-outs.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Stephanie.braly-beutjer@hsv-k12.org


Hip Hop Tryout Instuction and Combo

Jazz Tryout Instruction

Jazz Tryout Combo

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