Join the Grissom High School Dance Program!

Grissom Dance is not just dance,
it’s much more!


  • Learn dance technique, physical fitness, nutrition, performance, choreography, and dance history.

  • Development cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition are all a part of the dance curriculum.

  • LIFE Dance class at Grissom can be used for a PE credit, fine art credit, or an elective, with the Alabama Physical Fitness Assessment  given twice a year.

  • Dance enhances a student’s school career and can be an asset to them throughout life.  Students who study dance carry the discipline learned to other areas of their life. Studies show that students who take dance and are involved in the arts score higher on the SAT and ACT.

  • Students will learn physical fitness exercises that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

  • LIFE Dance at Grissom is a PERFORMANCE Class. All students are required to perform in the Fall and Spring concerts.

  • Academics are VERY IMPORTANT at Grissom.  The state of Alabama requires we meet all guidelines for extracurricular activities. A C average is required in the core classes and all credits must be up to date. Mrs. Braly-Beutjer however requires all students to have a C average in all classes and an A in Dance to be able to perform at both concerts.



No previous dance experience required!

All you need is a desire to LEARN!!

ALL dance students must be assessed for placement before being enrolled into a dance class.  The GHS LIFE Dance Director will come to your current middle school for assessment.



Current levels of dance are:

  • Dance 1– No experience required for this class.  This class is designed to introduce and review basic dance technique.  Class content includes the study of body alignment, basic dance steps, dance vocabulary, nutrition and performance. One after school rehearsal is required per semester.  Prerequisite: Assessment by Director. Grades 9-12.

  • Dance 2– Basic knowledge of dance vocabulary. This class builds on the basic skills the dancer already possesses.  Will include turns, leaps, balance, and performance. Previous dance training of 2-3 years recommended by not required.  One after school rehearsal is required per semester.  Prerequisite: Assessment by the Director. Grades 9-12.

  • Dance 3 (Company 2) - Strong knowledge of dance vocabulary required.  Ability to execute dance steps by name without a demonstration. Students learn more advanced dance technique and begin to explore choreography. Previous dance training of 5 years is recommended but not required.  After school rehearsals are required the week of the Showcase. Prerequisite: Assessment by the Director in May.  Grades 9-12

  • Dance 4 (Images)  - Strong knowledge of dance vocabulary is required as is the ability to execute steps by name.  Versatility in technique and style are key components for dancers.  This class focuses on dance repertoire.  Choreographing for Spring Showcase and learning how to produce them for the stage along with physical fitness studies is also a class goal. Previous dance training of 7 years is recommended but required.  After school rehearsal are Monday until 4:00 and Tuesday through Thursday until 3:30.  Two weeks before Showcase,  rehearsals begin at 5:00.  Prerequisite: Assessment by the Director in May.  Grades 9-12.


If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Braly-Beutjer at


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