Dance Fundraisers


Grissom Dance currently has several fundraising projects. The purpose of our fundraising is to help the student directly and create funds for the dance programs.  Any profits due to the student will be applied directly towards their CRUPS fee and will be posted in their CHARMS account once the sale is completed.  The remainder of the profit will go to the Grissom Dance program to help cover the costs of running the program.  As we progress though the year we will have extra fundraising efforts (I.E. Spirit Nights) that come up to cover unexpected costs or a special project or event.

***Each dancer is responsible for paying the remaining balance of their CRUPS fees after profits are credited. Any profit over amount due will go back to the program, no moneys will be given back to student, but you will earn our everlasting gratitude.***


Enjoy SaveAround Coupon Books: Thursday, August 13th - Friday, August 24th; $25 each

This is for all classes and is a great way to put credit in their CHARMS account.  The profit on each book is $10 with the student getting 100% toward their CRUPS fees . 

  • Ask family, friends, share on facebook and social media and take orders before August 23rd/24th!

  • Share the link below to showcase the SaveAround coupon book. Collect payment. (check payable to Grissom Dance) 


  • Turn in the money and get the coupon books from Mrs. Braly to deliver to the buyers.


Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraiser: Monday, October 15 - Wednesday, October 31st

This plant sale is the second fundraiser for the year and has been quite successful in the past. This year we are adding fresh wreaths and garlands as well as beautiful poinsettia plants just in time for the Holidays. There will be 2 sizes - 6” and 8” and 3 colors- Red, White, and Pink to choose from. Their quality is phenomenal and the prices are reasonable: $13.00 for 6 inch and $16.00 for 8 inch. All orders are pre-pay. The dancer is expected to tally up the ordered items and fill in the order sheet correctly. Student’s name must be in the appropriate place on order form. If order form is not filled out completely and correctly, items will not be ordered. Projected delivery date is the week after Thanksgiving. Plants will be delivered to Grissom in the morning and will be available for pick up beginning at 2 pm. You are responsible to pick up your plants and deliver them. WE CANNOT HOLD PLANTS AFTER DELIVERY DATE.   











Sale tips: Please check with your church, realtors, doctor or dentist office or any business that might decorate for the Holiday season. If they would like to order several plants, we can offer them a discount price (buying over 10 plants). Prices will be listed on your order form. We can deliver for a $25.00 delivery charge or they can pick them up on the delivery date.


NOTE: For ALL fundraisers we will need several people to help unload, count and sort items as they come off the truck. If you can help with the delivery and distribution, please let us know and be on the look out for volunteer emails with specific dates and times!

Holiday Dance Camp: Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Grissom Dance will host a Holiday Dance Camp on Saturday, December 8th. This will be offered to children K-5th grade. They will learn different styles of dance, some physical fitness do's and don'ts AND have a small performance at the end for their parents. There will be several volunteer opportunities for our Dance Camp. Information will be sent home through Charms and Canvas.


Havoc Hockey Tickets: Tentative

Everyone enjoys a family night full of fun so...why not go to a hockey game? We will be selling Havoc Hockey tickets January and February. If we sell 200 tickets, the program gets $1000. We will distribute order forms in class and then once all orders are received we will have a ticket distribution day when students collect tickets to distribute to their buyers. Last year this fundraiser was a great success and a great way to support our program and community! 

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