Stephanie Braly-Beutjer - Director


Stephanie L. Braly-Beutjer holds a Master of Fine Arts in Ballet, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education.  She has taught in several colleges, universities, conservatories, arts camps and high schools for several years and has served on many committees dealing with dance and arts in education. Her background as a high school and college cheerleader and dancer allows for a variety of performance styles.  Helping young students to become stronger physically and mentally are her goals for her teaching career.  Dance is the avenue in which she touches young people’s lives on a daily basis.  Along with stressing physical fitness, she teaches her students to have a strong sense of discipline, dedication, and self-esteem.  Her motto for herself and her students and the program is "Pride Through Performance".  This is the foundation she uses for teaching young people to strive towards reaching their maximum potential.

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