Calendar of Events

​Thursday, August 12th:  Dance Parent Meeting; 6:30pm GHS Auditorium

Thursday, August 13th:  Fine Arts Showcase Try-outs, 4:00pm - 6:00pm - GHS Auditorium

September 9th/10th :  Headshots for all dancers during class (lobby of Auditorium)

September 4th:  Fine Arts Showcase Tech Rehearsal - 4:00pm (GHS Auditorium)

September 5th:  Fine Arts Showcase, 7:00pm GHS Auditorium

Wednesday, September 11th: How to Audition for the Musical (Info meeting and how to audition) - 3:45pm-5:30 (GHS Auditorium)

October 2nd:  Tuck Everlasting– 4:00pm-8:30 (2 sections)

October 3rd: Tuck Everlasting callbacks – 4:00pm-???

October 14th - 29th:  Poinsettia and Wreath Fundraiser

October 15th:  Mandatory Tuck Everlasting cast meeting, 5:30pm - CAST ONLY

October 15th: Mandatory Parent Tuck Everlasting Cast Parent Meeting - 6:30pm 

November 6-8th:  Fine Arts Rummage Sale Set-up (off campus) 4:00pm until done

November 9th: Fine Arts Rummage Sale (off campus) 6:30am - 1:00pm

Monday - Thursday, November 4th-7th:  Rehearsal until 5 pm, mages rehearse to 5 PM, Co. 2 Rehearse first Tiger Time

November 7 or 8th: Veteran's Day Program - Tentative - during the school day

Tuesday - Wednesday, November 12th - 13th:  TECH DAYS

  • Tuesday, Nov. 12th:  Tech all classes;  Tech and Rehearsal for Images and Co. 2 - 3:40pm - 6:45

  • Wednesday, Nov 13th: MANDATORY DRESS REHEARSAL FOR ALL DANCERS;  3:40pm - 6:45

Thursday/Friday, November  14th and 15th:  Joy Explosion Concert, 7:00pm

​Thursday and Friday - Call 5:00pm - Images and Company 2

  • Warm-up 5:15 – 6:15pm onstage - Images and Company 2 dancers

  • Dance 1 and 2 - Call 6:00pm

  • All Dancers General Meeting TBA - 6:30pm

  • Performance 7:00pm 

  • ***Check in Costumes after Friday's performance***

November 21st:  Lee High School Performance, Images, 7:00pm

November 26th - December 14th: Student Choreography Auditions and Casting in class (Images and Co. 2)

Saturday, December 7th: GHS Holiday Dance Camp  - 8:00am - 4:00pm (Camp is 9-3:30pm) Images and Co. 2 dancers

Monday, January 7th: Tuck Everlasting Mandatory Parent Meeting, 7:00pm

January 21st: Concert Poster Photo Shoot, Images and Co. 2 - in class

February 4th: Black History Month Program, during school, Time TBD

March 4th - 15th: Tuck Everlasting, 7:00pm and 2pm matinee

March 24th:  Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for Disney 4-5:30 PM

April 5th:  Sr. Tea for ALL GHS Dance Seniors (Dance 3 and 4 Juniors required to help)

April 15th - 17th: Rehearsal for Dance 3 and 4

Monday - Wednesday, April 20 - 22nd:  TECH WEEK

  • Monday - Tech in class for Dance 1 or 2; Rehearsal for Images and Co. 2-  3:40pm - 6:45

  • Tuesday - Tech in class for Dance 1 or 2; Rehearsal for Images and Co. 2 -  3:40pm - 6:45

  • Wednesday - MANDATORY DRESS REHEARSAL FOR ALL DANCERS; Dance 1-4, 3:30 - 6:30

  • ****Images and Co. 2 Rehearse 6:30pm-7:30****

Thursday/Friday, April 23rd and 24th: Spring Showcase - 7:00pm

  •  Thursday and Friday Call 5:00pm – Images and Company 2

  •  Warm-up at 5:15pm – 6:15pm onstage, All DANCERS in Images and Co. 2 

  •  Call 6:00pm –Dance 1 and 2 

  •  All Dancers General Meeting TBA – 6:30pm – 

  •  Performance 7:00pm

  • ***Check in Costumes after Friday's performance***

Tuesday, April 29th: Images and Co. 2 Try-outs - 3:30pm Registration, 4:00pm - 7:00pm - GHS Auditorium

Tuesday May 5th:  Dance Awards and NHSDA Induction and Reception 

Dance Parent Association Board Meeting Dates - 7:00 pm at Mrs Braly’s House

August 6th

September 10th

October 22th

November 13th

December 3rd (Location TBD)

January 14th

February 11th

March 3rd

April 7th

May 12th

May  transition meeting TBD.









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